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„Stinger Things” litter

Esca is a really nice girl with huge heart and lots of fire in her.

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Breeding informations

Our babies’ parents:
Their Daddy is Maska who lived and loved by Britta and later Sandra, came from the US from a good old bloodline. Love these real original lines and cant wait to see what it gives with our SweetRed Esca!
Esca is a really nice girl with huge heart and lots of fire in her. She used to be the favorite all of our visitors ever, and who saw her in work, never forgot her. She has the NOSE in our dog family.

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Esca’s datasheet (Hungarian only)
Esca’s photo gallery
Esca’s facebook album

További almok

„Angry Birds” litter

What can I say, life gave back a little piece of my heart  “Angry birds” litter came to this world on 6th of December  Egra and Deligth’s Hornet gave their essence into this small litter of 3 girls and 1 boy  they got names from birds of preys because of Egra’s temperament and Tanto’s speed.

„Imagine Dragons” litter

Welcome Delight’s Hydra, Zmey, Zylant, Wyrm and Wyvern, whos names came from hystorical imagine dragon types and reminds me of my pocket dragon Egra and now her babies.

“Old&Noble” litter

  Evie is our youngest girl who borned here and never searched new home. She is highly intelligent, calm, so sweet and very balanced real lady.

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