Schvartzman's La Negra
NALC and FCI registered female
Import Paraguay

Calling name: Egra
DOB: 2016.11.26
Color: brindle leopard with white trim
Eyes (R/L): glass/amber-glass crackled
Teeth: full dentition, scissors
Height: 58 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Hip displasia test: HD 0/0
OCD: .
Merle gene test: McMa+
Ehlers-Danlos test: neg.
DM teszt: neg.
BAER-teszt: +/+ bilateral hearing
Sire: Cowboy Hat's Faso (USA)
Herding working dog
Dam: Southermoth's Muna (USA)
Herding working dog


Smaller sized female, import from Paraguay from a working line.

Since her puppyhood, her work with cows is stabile and she loves it so much.
She is a very intelligent, high drive Catahoula.

She has strong instincts, love to work with hogs too, she was successfully tested in an official hog training garden.

She is a student of a herding center. In sports she is very fast and she quickly understands the task.

With people she is very kind and obedient, but she accepts only one person for leader.

She is a Junior Chamipon of Hungary (MEOESZ).