Coahoma Evangeline
NALC and FCI registered female
Import Slovakia

Calling name: Evin
DOB: 2012.12.18
Color: dark patchwork
Eyes (R/L): glass/glass
Teeth: full dentition, scissors
Height: 58 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Hip displasia test: HD 0/1, ED 0/0
OCD: neg.
Merle gene test: patchwork - MaM
Ehlers-Danlos test: neg.
DM teszt: neg.
Sire: Ch. Kevin Šumící Křídla (CZ)
Slovak Junior Champion
Czech Junior Champion
Club Champion KCHMPP SK
Club Junior Champion CC EU
Club Champion CC EU
Slovak Champion
Dam: Ch. Crawdad's Louisiana (USA)
Slovak Junior Champion
Club Junior Champion CC EU
Club Champion CC EU


Our stubborn queen, she is the leader of our Catahoula pack.
She is patient and never aggressive.
She has very strong will, hard to lead her during work.
Not easy to train her because of her stubbornness, but she is workaholic, so we need to.

She is very sweet with people, only obedient to her leaders.
She is brave with hogs, herding cows and bays in a ’never give up’ style.

She can weekly show her great instincts with cows.
She is professional in coursing and on track race too.
Evin is already neutered, her bloodline carried on by her offsprings, 3 stud males of our kennel.

Junior Champion of Hungary (MEOESZ), and she has track race license.


Family tree: