The real origin of the Catahoula is unknown, old written says these dogs are the descendents of the red wolf what crossed with native americans’ dogs...

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Our Kennel

The Hungarian Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog kennel

I had a dream...

When I saw this breed for the first time I said, I want only this dog, more than anything.
I was 12.

Few years later...

Few years later when we had Internet, I started to search, tried to find kennels, but I found only US breeders.
At Christmas of 2010 I had finally found someone in Europe.

I saw the litter, their first litter and the only one red leopard boy there. I found him, my Logan, my very first dog, my foundation of my kennel and the breed in Hungary. I knew he was born to be mine.

At the beginning it was so hard. I had a big and strong, smart teenager Leopard male with a stubborn head. I didn’t have much help, at that time nobody knew the breed... we had a hard way, but on this long way we became a companion, real friends and I became the forever fan of the breed. He taught me how to keep, teach and love the Catahoula.


2 years later with Evin, it was the same situation. I saw her and fell in love. She was the perfect copy of her mom who I love so much. I didn’t plan another dog, but I felt she couldn’t be someone else’s pup.

Evin and Logan are completely different. They are just like 2 sides of me.

In 2016, Esca was 15 months old when she came to us. I’m sad she couldn’t spend her puppyhood with me, but now I think we refill the lost times. She is a great dog, perfectly fits to our team and she is the most loyal dog I have ever met. Not after a long time, after Esca has arrived ,I saw something special. She had 2 long trips and lots of help from a friend of us to be together with her new pack, but it was worth it. She is here and every day I say thanks for her. My Egra...


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