The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog

The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog

Short history

The real origin of the Catahoula is unknown, old writings say these dogs are the descendants of the red wolf what crossed with native Americans’ dogs.
They think some other breeds took part in the development of the breed, like molossers, greyhounds and the Beauceron breed who came with European immigrants.
They quickly recognized that these interesting looking dogs were very versatile and started to use them, breed them.
One thing is known, Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs are one of the most versatile working dog breeds in the world.
From 9. of July 1979 the Catahoula is the state dog of Louisiana.
At 1st of January the breed was accepted by the United Kennel Club.

Behaviour, temperament

The breed is rather vehement and temperamental. It literally can energize all of its energy in no time to proceed a task. There is difference between boar and bitch, but bitches can also erupt fastly.
We used to say they have 2 modes: ON and OFF. It does not matter what it is about, work, love or dominance fight, it can be stated that they react very much on everything.

The difficulty of upbringing lays in this also.

The Catahoula is not for everyone! They are beautiful dogs with complex personality and much drive to work

Early socialization needs to start from puppyhood. They need to meet with the world and many new situations, dog friends and people. The positive motivation is very important. It can be easily recognized if a Catahoula puppy didn’t get these! Catahoula puppies are sensitive and learn so fast, they need many input, and every new owner got these advices from us, and they can ask always if they have questions. Instincts are shown early too, in the kennel we used to try it also with puppies.

It is also important to accustom dogs with the same sex to each other. It is rarely smooth within a dominant breed like this. Many claim leopards aggressive dogs but it can not be mixed up with dominance.We should highlight again that the practice of self control and the stability of the leader is how important and essential to avoid conflicts.A well socialized male Catahoula will never start a fight at most cases. Although he will not hesitate for a moment to protect himself if the situation demands it.

leopárdkutya-játékLater on it is much easier to do activities, sport or work not to mention dog shows, with a well socialized dog.

A Catahoula needs a family, this breed is not only for guarding the garden. They have so strong feelings, love their human family and need emotions. They have to have limits and rules of course, but their place is IN the family. With foreign people adult Catahoulas are often reserved. This is not rare, they are not unfriendly, just do not care about other people who they don’t know.

Work and sport

Catahoulas’ working instincts are still the same. Many people only see their beautiful appearance and don’t care about their needs. These choices usually end up with a disappointed person and a dog who needs a new owner... Every future owner needs to keep in mind that this is a working breed and there are many opportunities to do with them.

What works and sports are they good for? Hunting, herding, dogsports, they are good at almost all kinds.


They love most of the works if they can use their instincts and they can be easily motivated.
There are sports where they can use it: coursing, track race.
Some other what they love: frisbee, flyball, agility.
Real works for Catahoulas: herding cows, hunting hogs. Luckily these works can be trained in some places in Hungary too, so there is no need to be a farmer or hunter to try what they love the most.
They enjoy nosework: they can become good at mantrailing, search and rescue and bloodtrailing dogs, some of them good for service dog too.
Choosing activity needs to depend on the dog’s built and drive (and of course our possibilities).

Before all ,they need many socialization and need to build strong relationship with the owner. Any work needs to be based on obedience and stabile call back.

We used to say dog school helps a lot to strength the position of the leader, but we need to educate the Catahoula to our life, depending on our environment (city, country, farm etc.), they have to behave and be partner in all situations. It is not enough to educate and spent time with your Catahoula. It will surely cause a bored Catahoula who will eat your house..


This sport is built on hunting and chasing instinct.
All Catahoulas love it and are good in it because of their speed and persistence.

catahoula-sportAfter a coursing day you will get a satisfied and happy Catahoula.
2 of our dogs have license, maybe in the future all will have.

Track race

This sport is on greyhound track and built on instincts too.

catahoula-trackraceThey need to chase and catch the bait.

In Hungary they can be professional, licensed racers if they learn to start from box, wearing muzzle and run the whole track.

Hog baying / hunting

Catahoulas are real hog dogs, in the US ,many hunters use them on huntings, bay up the hogs or for bloodtrails. In Hungary our Catahoulas can meet hogs in training gardens and they can use their instincts, learn instinct control and we can get help from hunters. These trainings are available for everyone who wants to try.

catahoula-wildboarSome of our offsprings are working on huntings with big successes, they are born to this too.

Our Evin and Egra are great hunters, they are the most suitable for hunting.
Evin was 4 months old when she saw hog first time. She was extremely brave...

Some of our pups are hunt, from our dogs Egra is the only one who will hunt.


The other original work of the breed. At their homeland nowadays many breeders and farmers have Catahoulas for this work.

catahoula-cowOur Catahoulas have the opportunity to herd cows weekly and we can see, they were born to this.

They are suitable for sheep herding too, they just need them more time to understand and learn the different style of herding.

Mantrailing They love nosework and they can understand the task. Not all Catahoulas are suitable for this, but it is worth to try. We had chance to try mantrailing some times with professionals.