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“Old&Noble” litter

Evie is our youngest girl who borned here and never searched new home. She is highly intelligent, calm, so sweet and very balanced real lady. She has outstanding nose as her mom has, she’s been training on mantrailing from her puppyhood, therefore we didnt strenghten her hunting instinct (although she has a strong one). She is easily controllable in any situation and enviorment, qualified, social and playful with both gender of dogs. She loves children, with foreign people she is laid back, but friendly. She has no fear of shoot, storm or any extreme situations. She is sensitive and typically one and only owner dog. She is continue preparing to RH-MT V.
Hazard is a good type of a real country dog. Big, strong, rude and hard headed old school male Catahoula from Utah’s mountains. He has enermous heart, funny (very funny) and lovable personality. His obedience is strong, his hunting and guarding instincts are good.
He extremely loves children, with people he picks the one who he loves from first sight. He doesnt care of any natural voices, happenings and situations, he doesnt like big cities, but bear it. He is dominant in social, but controllable.
He is still very young, under training on bloodtrail and higher step of obedience. He will give us so much more with years, “little” wild pony.
We plan to give puppies early neurotical stimulation, LOVE, early socialization, LOVE, little noseworks and obed, LOVE, soc with other dogs and new enviorments when its time, LOVE, personality test, LOVE, shoot test if required and of course all around medical care.
Puppies are for highly active/working/sporting home for advanced hands!

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További almok

„Angry Birds” litter

What can I say, life gave back a little piece of my heart  “Angry birds” litter came to this world on 6th of December  Egra and Deligth’s Hornet gave their essence into this small litter of 3 girls and 1 boy  they got names from birds of preys because of Egra’s temperament and Tanto’s speed.

„Imagine Dragons” litter

Welcome Delight’s Hydra, Zmey, Zylant, Wyrm and Wyvern, whos names came from hystorical imagine dragon types and reminds me of my pocket dragon Egra and now her babies.

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